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This is going to be a loong post…. :)

First topic we will write about is again volcanoes :) We found out, that at volcano Masaya it is possible to see lava too and because I could not take a picture at Telica and also because we became volcanomaniaks, we decided to go there. We managed to sleep inside of the park (protected area, with many rules like “no climbing the volcano at night”). We still wanted to do it and sneak out without the night guard noticing… But a big storm came… Long, noisy and really scary. I like storms when I am at home, in my bed, under the blanket…This was different… We were on the hill, under a volcano, in the tent. So we did not see the lava, but after this storm I did not care anymore… The volcano was impressive altough you can stay at the crater just for a short time because the amount of sulfur poison is dangerous.





After Masaya we cycled to laguna Apoyo, it is a nice lake inside of the crater of volcano. We slept here on the terrace of restaurant for free. But in the morning Danny woke up sick, quite badly. He spent a lot of time on the toilet, and how did the staff of the restaurant react? They locked the toilet…can you imagine… So we moved to a hostel close by, where we stayed for two days.

This cat stayed with sick Danny all two days in the bed :)


Now we are in Granada, the oldest city of Central America. We are staying in a super cheap hostel with swimmingpool, we cook and eat a lot and we sold our bikes.


Danny has new cool shirt

And i like to wear it too hahaIMG_2015051033252

They like to say Hola and to bite fingers


This last month of our adventure we will travel by bus, hitchhike, etc. Why we sold them? We have a good reasons, we bought something what we can not carry on bike (what is a surprise) and other reasons. We bought them for 150$ each and thanks to Dannys good negotiation skills we sold them for 115$ each :)

Last goodbye…


We reunited here with our German friends from Leon and went together on a boat tour through small islands in the Nicaragua lake. In total there are 365 islands, many of them are on sale and one of them is habitated only by monkeys :)



Price of island of this size is around 250 000$



“Friendly” monkey 😀IMG_2015051138680


Just a normal restaurant 😉IMG_2015051151425



Nadezda Bombjakova • May 10, 2017

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  1. Tim May 11, 2015 - 11:02 am Reply

    I am guessing that Danny wants to take the cat with him, and that is why you sold the bikes :)

    • Nadezda Bombjakova May 13, 2015 - 4:22 am Reply

      How did you know! 😀

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