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Through Honduras to Nicaragua

IMG_2015042810301We spent two days in Honduras. The reason was simple, we did not have time to go to the north of Honduras, which is supposed to be very nice and in the south, there is not very much to see. IMG_201504277292 So now we are in Nicaragua. We have been here for four days so far And We Like It!

We are in the colonial city Leon. It is only 20 km from the beach, and it is surrounded by a few volcanoes of which we decided to climb one to see the lava inside and go volcanic boarding down from the other one. Unfortunately, even climbing is not for free and they usually charge  30-50 dollars for it. So we decided to climb volcano Telica ourselves without guide.




We downloaded a GPS map from the internet and went to party a bit after long time. Here, at the party we met a guy from England, Ben, who wanted to go with us. We had a lot of fun, it was a good party :) In the morning we woke up in good mood, ate something, realised that we had a hangover, wrote to Ben that we can not go and just spent the day on the beach.

IMG_2015042812532 The next day we were ready, Ben had hangover again but he decided to fight it. We took a bus to San Jacinto and from here we walked.

IMG_201504286769 At the village they told us that it should take us around 2 hours what was less than we expected so we were just walking casually…

In reality we got lost around 6 times 😀 And we ended up hiking for around 6 hours of which 2 in the dark… But we did it, we saw the lava!

It was not possible for us to take a picture of it but it was impressive to see and hear it.

We slept 100 metres down from the
top of the volcano. We made a campfire, cooked some pasta and went to sleep.

In the morning we went to the top again, stayed there for a while and hiked back to the village what took us around 3 hours :)





Nadezda Bombjakova • April 28, 2017

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