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Night at police station

We have been cycling (and pushing) our bicycles over the hilly hummingbird highway. It had beautiful nature and a good, quiet asphalt road. We got energy to do this from the typical rice and beans with a chicken leg. You can buy this anywhere and costs 5 to 8 Belize Dollars (=2.25 E to 3.60…

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garden to garden

It has been a long time since our last post from Belize. We wanted to upload it but could not find an internet connection and on top of that we went for a week to an island in the Caribbean sea. (More on this later) I must say that Belize is really a very different…

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The blue lagoon

After a short recovery in Felipe Cerrillo Puerto we cycled south towards Laguna Bacalar located 115km further. Though it was on the highway, it was a bit hilly and we had to fight with strong wind blowing against us in a temperature of 30 plus degrees Celcius. This made us very slow, we often had…

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Taste of Luxury… for free

After amazing Puerto Morelos, we stayed in Playa del Carmen for a night. I wont write much about this as we left soon because this place was too expensive for us. The best thing was taking a long warm shower… something you can really miss when traveling. We started cycling at noon and ended up…

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Pain on the ass :D

Yesterday we woke up early at 05.00 to have enough time to pack everything on the bicycle and also to avoid traffic on the road.Then we headed to Puerto Morelos, a nice beach town. I am not sure if we managed to avoid traffic and if yes I can not imagine how it looks like…

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