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antigua guatemala

A bit late but we have been out of internet for a while again. Meanwhile we have almost crossed all of El Salvador but we still have to write from before. So… We managed to get to Antigua on Semana Santa and follow the processions. It is very similar as in Spain though not as…

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Anniversary at lago Atitlan

Right now we are at lake Atitlan. So far we have spent here three days. We came here on our anniversary day. To get here we had to cycle downhill for 600 meter spread over 25kilometer. This was sadly on a very rocky/ gravel road and took a lot of efford. Pff what a waste…

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Guatemala, why so hilly?

Always when we think that the road can not be worse than we have already done, we get a nice slap from Guatemala :D…. So we are cycling just small distances which are hilly and the extreme ones we do by bus. Since we met another cycling Dutch couple who are doing the same we…

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Hola Guatemala

798km A few days ago we crossed the border of our third country, Guatemala. Somehow it got very hilly recently and we are more pushing bikes than riding them.   The biggest difference we feel here is that it is much cheaper than Belize and of course these never ending hills. The first place we…

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Central America feature image

Central America plan

Hi everybody! We’ve been trying to keep this a bit as a surprise but it’s been hard to hide. We are going to Central America on February 1st!┬áDuring our travel it may be hard to stay in contact so by following our blog you can keep track of where we are. We hope that you…

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