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Pain on the ass :D

Yesterday we woke up early at 05.00 to have enough time to pack everything on the bicycle and also to avoid traffic on the road.Then we headed to Puerto Morelos, a nice beach town. I am not sure if we managed to avoid traffic and if yes I can not imagine how it looks like…

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Waiting and Isla Mujeres

So the bike has been delayed for a few days. We went to Island Mujeres and are going to Chichen Itza to fill the time. Meanwhile some more photos! (don’t mind the dates I have to update the go-pro)   Bus to Puerto Juarez where we we took ferry     Leguana on Island Mujeres…

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Bicycle and postcards

Now that we have a base (hostel Kankun) we have a lot more freedom. There were a few things we had to do…. Such as: go to Walmart :D. There we even saw people sitting on those motorized carts. One man even fell off and I had to help him back on :p After Walmart…

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welcome to Cancun

Our flight took 13 hours and we didnt have much leg-space. On top of that, people were careless about eachother. Now we understand why people get into fights on planes. After arrival and taking the bus to the city, it was time to find a hostel. On the way to a few possible hostels, a…

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