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Costa Rica

  We have just been in Costa Rica for a few days and it is surprising what we have already done. Travel goes a lot faster without the bicycles but every day there are moments when we miss them. As expected it is amazingly beautiful here. Though the aim to tourism and some loss of…

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This is our first full day in Belize. Unfortunatelly we are just sitting all day in our camping, barely moving… Why? We have a hangover… Yesterday we cycled around 50 km. On the way we made just quick breaks to see Cenote azul and Laguna Milagros.   Our final destination was Corozal, a small town…

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The blue lagoon

After a short recovery in Felipe Cerrillo Puerto we cycled south towards Laguna Bacalar located 115km further. Though it was on the highway, it was a bit hilly and we had to fight with strong wind blowing against us in a temperature of 30 plus degrees Celcius. This made us very slow, we often had…

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