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Let’s talk about Spain! We had such a great time there that I want to write some more about it. While working on my hobby website about studying in Spain, i’ve done some research and came across some amazing websites that can really help students and travellers who go to Spain.

The country is so full of festivals and museums. You can even consider some city centers as outdoor museums in my opinion. Think about Semana Santa, the Holy Week which is celebrated around easter. It is the most important festival in Spain. With it’s massive processions and unique traditions that are passed down over the centuries.

During the festival but also in any other summer day the country and its cities are rich with culture. The country is truely alive. This may be a bit of a culture shock for people from the northern European countries which are known to be a bit cold.

In Spain you will hear music everywhere. People talking, being social. It is not hard to immerse yourself in the culture.


Now we’ve found a few websites which can help you even more.

For example the website of our Texan friend Trevor Huxham. He speaks about his time in Spain and reading his blog is really useful when you need a bit of an insight from someone more experienced with life in Spain.

Texan in Spain

Have a look at his blog and get an idea of the customs that are in Spain!


Another website that I’d really recommend is Spain Is Culture, Espana es Culture. Aside from having the coolest logo of all. Their site gives very detailed information about anything related to culture in Spain. I found it much more interesting to read about Spain than for example on Tripadvisor. It goes in more details and it is very well written.

Spain is Culture

Their website is very professional and for all range of travellers who really want to have the cultural experience and find out about the backstories.


A final one that I enjoyed very much is the website of Josh. Especially because it is about Granada. I used to visit there often and I think it does not get enough attention. It is an amazing student city and Josh writes about his experience of living there. His topics are light and fun to read. Really makes me consider living in Granada. 

Spain for Pleasure


If all that did not convince you yet, maybe have a look at this beautiful dish.





Danny Nadezda • September 14, 2017

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