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Hello everybody!

As you probably realized we are trying to lower our budget to use less and less money every day. All this while still trying to do the activities we write about.

Our favorite  activities are eating and sleeping. We could write a blog about this but we are sure you all prefer Nadi’s photos more :)

Still doing things cheap is not enough… We were selling postcards which worked on the beaches (though not that amazingly), those will soon be behind us.

Google ads didn’t work because none of you is clicking them 😀 and they make the site ugly.

So what to do.. A shameless donate button! As advices by the last travelers we met (those guys on cool motorbikes)

For every donation we will send you a personal funny photo by mail!

So don’t hesitate, donate! :)

Much love from around the world :) Don’t let us end up like this, cool as he may be.



Danny Nadezda • March 17, 2015

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