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Portugal trip

The travel through Portugal has been a while ago but does deserve a mention in our life around the world. This is where the hitchhiking really started for us. Before this we did a short hitchhiking trip around Malaga but this was the first where we were going abroad.

It was all very exciting, we met some great people and had some desperate moments. All in all we traveled with a big smile on our face.

We ended our adventure with an truely friendly group of French and Portuguese on a business trip. They invited us in their van and they took us with them on their tour to Lagos and the most South/ Western point of Portugal. When they noticed that we did not have the budget to join them on their boated cave tour they offered to gift this to us. After some back and forth yes and no, we accepted the offer and made it to the most beautiful parts of our trip.

Danny Nadezda • February 15, 2013

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