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Pain on the ass :D

Yesterday we woke up early at 05.00 to have enough time to pack everything on the bicycle and also to avoid traffic on the road.Then we headed to Puerto Morelos, a nice beach town.

I am not sure if we managed to avoid traffic and if yes I can not imagine how it looks like later, It was scary, busy and very often there is no shoulder lane._DSC5461


So we cycled roughly 50km to get here and find a place. We found the hotel “Dos Naciones” which allowed us to put the tent in their garden which is actually a beach :)


We recoverd a little bit under the palm trees.


And had a competition in opening coconuts. Danny was faster but I was more creative. :)



We made again food on the fire of the camping barbeque. We cooked, or better said smoked pasta carbonara and sold some postcards on the beach :)


Only annoying thing: selfinflating mat 😀

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Nadezda Bombjakova • February 14, 2015

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  1. Bert February 14, 2015 - 5:27 pm Reply

    What you are missing (maybe) is a mirror on the frontriders bike, orange flags and locks….

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