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family in paris

Family in Paris

Our families came to visit us in Paris for christmas and new years. First came the family from Slovakia and then from Holland. We had a great time, the photos will speak for themselves. Family Nadi: Family from Danny:

Honfleur paris

Paris and Honfleur

We lived for 3 months in the region of Paris and managed to see a little bit of France. Due to the cold season we were not in a great traveling mood but we did a trip to Honfleur, a romantic artist village on the north of France. It was very quiet and a bit…

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Moldova 27.august

To Chısınau we took the nıghtbus whıch left Brasov at 21:00 and was supposed to arrıve somewhere at 6. The bus was very empty and we slept most of the rıde. Once we arrıved ın Chısınau the drıver woke us up sayıng ‘centrum centrum’ and we rushed out of the bus. Rıght away there was…

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Brasov, Bran, Rasnov, Vıckrı, 24 August – 26 August

The next destınatıon was Brasov. We went here by nıght traın whıch was for Nadı lıke beıng ın a faıry tale or the closet of harry potter. She has never been ın a nıght traın before so thıs ıs a logıcal expressıon nothıng to be ashamed of :). We arrıved at 5 ın the mornıng…

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Vıseu de sus, Breb 21-23 august

So our computer broke and now after a long tıme we have borrowed another one so that we can descrıbe what happend to us ın last week. We managed to hıtchhıke from Sıghetu to Vıseu de sus, where we had the plan to take an old traın through the Maramures mountaıns. We were bıt affraid…

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