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We are shameless

Hello everybody! As you probably realized we are trying to lower our budget to use less and less money every day. All this while still trying to do the activities we write about. Our favorite  activities are eating and sleeping. We could write a blog about this but we are sure you all prefer Nadi’s…

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garden to garden

It has been a long time since our last post from Belize. We wanted to upload it but could not find an internet connection and on top of that we went for a week to an island in the Caribbean sea. (More on this later) I must say that Belize is really a very different…

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This is our first full day in Belize. Unfortunatelly we are just sitting all day in our camping, barely moving… Why? We have a hangover… Yesterday we cycled around 50 km. On the way we made just quick breaks to see Cenote azul and Laguna Milagros.   Our final destination was Corozal, a small town…

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The blue lagoon

After a short recovery in Felipe Cerrillo Puerto we cycled south towards Laguna Bacalar located 115km further. Though it was on the highway, it was a bit hilly and we had to fight with strong wind blowing against us in a temperature of 30 plus degrees Celcius. This made us very slow, we often had…

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Welcome to the jungle

272. Km We are completely destroyed, laying in a hotel room, finally clean, drinking beer and we are enjoying the comfort of the hotel more then ever before 😀 After this last bit of cycling we started competing in three categories: 1. Who has more mosquito bites 2. Who has more cuts 3. Who has…

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