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volcanic boarding at Cerro Negro

There is only one place in the world where you can go sandboarding down from a volcano and it is here in Nicaragua at volcan Cerro Negro. So we did it. First we had to climb to the top with board, then we got a small lesson from Francisco, our guide about manipulating the board. After…

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Through Honduras to Nicaragua

We spent two days in Honduras. The reason was simple, we did not have time to go to the north of Honduras, which is supposed to be very nice and in the south, there is not very much to see. So now we are in Nicaragua. We have been here for four days so far…

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el Salvador

We entered el Salvador thinking we would pass it quickly. I was most excited about seeing the pacific coast for the first time. The first food we ate after crossing the border immediately became our favorite: Pupusas. Aside from this it seems that milkshakes and natural juices are the country’s national drink. You will be…

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antigua guatemala

A bit late but we have been out of internet for a while again. Meanwhile we have almost crossed all of El Salvador but we still have to write from before. So… We managed to get to Antigua on Semana Santa and follow the processions. It is very similar as in Spain though not as…

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Anniversary at lago Atitlan

Right now we are at lake Atitlan. So far we have spent here three days. We came here on our anniversary day. To get here we had to cycle downhill for 600 meter spread over 25kilometer. This was sadly on a very rocky/ gravel road and took a lot of efford. Pff what a waste…

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