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Night at police station

We have been cycling (and pushing) our bicycles over the hilly hummingbird highway. It had beautiful nature and a good, quiet asphalt road. We got energy to do this from the typical rice and beans with a chicken leg. You can buy this anywhere and costs 5 to 8 Belize Dollars (=2.25 E to 3.60 E). The trip was so hard though that Nadi sometimes wanted to throw the bicycle on the side of the road, sit down on her knees and cry. 😛 Really… it was hard. Luckily she realized this will not help anything.




The trip was hard but we finally made it to the halfway point and searched for a place to sleep. We found this at a man’s garden who was surprisingly famous. They showed us a documentary about him: the Belizian Crocodile Dundee, the famous jungle man who trained the British army in the jungles. There is even a song about him and a website. Mister Jones.


The next day we continued cycling. We had a quick breakfast. mmmmh Banana Bread. The second half was also beautiful. At Caves Ranch we had a break to watch a botanical garden. They had a lot of tarantulas but they wouldn’t come out till night.



Later we went to the Mennonite village “Springfield”. This farming community is very friendly and can be compared with the Amish people. We have been amazed by the Mennonites since we saw them first in South Mexico and had to meet them in person.

Some info from wikipedia:

There are some 10,000 German speaking Mennonites living in Belize. In addition to this, there are another 2,000 mostly Kriol and Mestizo Belizeans who have converted to Mennonitism.[1] There are groups of Mennonites living in Belize who are quite traditional and conservative


They did not live as isolated as we imagined but entering their village really brought us back in time. They rode horse wagons and worked on the farms. They seemed as amazed by us as we were by them. From every house, people would stare at us and one time they brought all the children inside as we passed. Maybe this was because we couldn’t resist taking a photo sometimes. 😀



Taking these photos and spending so much time there got us in trouble which eventually ended with us spending the night at the police station. :S let me explain.

Because we spent so much time at the Mennonite community, when we finally arrive in Belmopan it was already getting dark. When asking around where to sleep it became clear it would be hard to find something cheap so late. At one point we ran into the police who offered us to put the tent at the station. So like this we spent the night at a police station. 😀 I even drove in the front of the police car to get us some dinner. After asking, they showed me the button for the sirens but wouldn’t let me push it. :)


So a few more adventures behind us… if you want more, support our travel, donate :)


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Danny Dekker • March 21, 2015

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  1. Bert March 22, 2015 - 12:02 pm Reply

    Tough girl and boy! Very good. Especially the time traveling must be nice.
    We finished our ski holiday. Maybe less adventurous (however Tim broke a bone). We had a very good time.

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