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Train from Miskolc to Debrecen, 7:30

So yesterday we had interesting adventure… After missing all trains, we didnt get to hichhike spot we ended up in Miskolc 😀 I must say it is a beautiful city but unfortunately very busy. We didnt find any free hostel or even hotel so one option was to take the night train at 23:00 and change somewhere half an hour later and wait there till 04:00 in the morning to continue to Debrecen. We went to a bar to get electricity where we found out that this didnt work for us either. At this point we decided to find some place for sleeping, we went to the train station and searched for a nice cozy field. While setting up the tent we woke up all the dogs of our neigbours. We also realised that our tent is really small, and when you put also the bags inside… hah. It took us a while to get comfortable (especially Danny, who has a problem even to sit still on a normal sofa). This was a very long and hard first night. In the morning we just woke up, picked the snails from the tent, bought tickets for the train, missed this train and now we are in another one towards to Debrecin. Hopefully we will sleep tonight in Romania 😀


Danny Nadezda • August 20, 2014

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  1. tim August 21, 2014 - 5:37 am Reply

    I think the not being able to sit still runs in the family 😉

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