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I am writing this post while Nadi is cutting my hair with a nail scissor. We are losing things all the time and I have even lost my electric razor. I am glad most that we have with us is cheap.

A week ago we stayed in a really cool hostel! It was a tree house with howling monkeys all around it in the trees. Well we stayed in the tent but the rest of the day we spent in the tree tops. The place was really in the jungle with amazing view and amazing animals. Also some scary ones like the wolf spider.





After the tree house, we moved to island Ometepe. The boat was very shaky and water was coming in nonstop. Nadi got a bit sick but managed to hold everything inside. Now we have been on Ometepe for quite some time. It is a fantastic volcanic island in the great Nicaragua lake.


The first days we were just enjoying, making smoothies from the 4 cent bananas and relaxing on the beach. This lasted for a while until… the smoothy machine broke. this was a very old, rusted second-hand machine. How ever the hostel owner wanted a new one. Big drama of course and I did offer to see if I can get it repaired. This worked out but was not good enough in their eyes. We had a long discussion about it but we refused to replace something so old. They even threatened us that we shall not leave the island like this. The man (earlier speaking words straight from god) seemed a bit crazy but after much effort we decided to gamble and leave. At this point they were suddenly apologetic. All very strange but in hindsight a fun experience.


The pic above is a representation of my face, arguing over the blender.


The next stay was at a self sustaining Eco-farm hostel. Here I traded my skills as waiter for free food and beer. It felt nice to work again after a year :p



Here is me losing in chess as always. Nadi is better than me but often we end with remise.

On the island Nadi got sick again… it seems more and more frequent that one of us is ill. We are now resting in a private room for a bit to recover.

Look a cool eagle flying over the volcano!


Here are some more pics of cool people and animals we have met on the island.







Soon we are going to Costa Rica! We are looking forward as this should be the most beautiful of all places.  However also the most expensive. Here we live for 10 to 15 dollar per day while in Costa Rica to enter in a forest or any park or attraction you will have to pay 10 to 30 dollar. 

For now we climbed this volcano for free.



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Danny Dekker • May 19, 2017

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