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Guatemala, why so hilly?

Always when we think that the road can not be worse than we have already done, we get a nice slap from Guatemala :D…. So we are cycling just small distances which are hilly and the extreme ones we do by bus. Since we met another cycling Dutch couple who are doing the same we feel less guilty about it…


After Tikal we cycled around the lake Lago Peten Itza which was 51 km. It is very beautiful there, but no asphalt and it took us two days.

Some photos from cycling:


We met one French girl who offered us her garden to set up our tent there, right next to the lake. There was a boy fishing there for long time without succes and came back in the morning again without succes :)


This dog ate half of our bread…


And this lady posed for the photo.


So our final destination was Flores, here we took a bus to Semuc Champey , which took us around 8 hours. Semuc Champey consists of a 300 m natural limestone bridge, under which passes the Cahabon River. Atop of the bridge is a series of stepped turquoise pools. This place is breath taking…



Danny was also swimming but with money in the pocket… So we had to skip the caves tour 😀IMG_2015032958154


At the entrance you can buy a chocolate from Guatemalan girls. It is bit spicy and taste very different than chocolate we are used to, but it quite tasty. Girls were very motivated sellers and one from who we did not buy chocolate called me a puta 😀 IMG_201503291803

Now we are in Santa Cruz Verapaz, we are staying in a hotel with warm water (first time warm water since one month) and we have TV. It is hard to express our happines 😀 So far in Guatemala we did not feel confident (safe?) enough to stay in the garden of somebody or camp wild at all.

Thank you for following and supporting us 😛




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Nadezda Bombjakova • March 28, 2015

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  1. Evit+Jan March 30, 2015 - 2:31 pm Reply

    Hey guys… Your adventure looks really great and it seems you will be passing some very interesting countries which we passed 2 years ago. We went for biking honeymoon trip around the world but at the end we made “only” America continent in 15th months. We definitely recommend sleeping at bomberos- fireman stations…they are amazing and friendly…sometimes they give you bed and food, sometimes you camp next to the building. In Guatemala close to Antiqua is one biking organization with awesome people and they are rebuilding bicycles for “bici-machinas”… There are plenty of things we could write here for you…but as every traveler you’ll be following your heart and intuition.. If you need some help or advice you are welcome to contact us or check our web…, where are plenty blog articles from central America which could be useful… enjoy the ride and we wish you tail wind :) Evit and Jan :)

    • Danny Dekker March 31, 2015 - 10:02 pm Reply

      Hi! Thanks for writing in such detail. We will check out your blog for info! We slept at a police station but not yet at firestation he he worth a try

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