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el Salvador

We entered el Salvador thinking we would pass it quickly. I was most excited about seeing the pacific coast for the first time. The first food we ate after crossing the border immediately became our favorite: Pupusas. Aside from this it seems that milkshakes and natural juices are the country’s national drink. You will be able to eat and drink good for 1,50 dollar (3 dollar at touristic places. Incredible.. a very good start.)


The pacific was great as well. It is more intimidating than the Caribbean with big waves clashing on the rocks. The beaches belong to the surfers and are not crowded at all. Where in Europe you work to find a decent spot, here you don’t find more than few hands full of people on a beach.



Money problems.

We found out that we were low on cash when we entered el Salvador so I sent some more to Nadi’s bank as only her card works here.


As we continued cycling there were no more cash machines and we had 14 dollar left.. no problem, we lived with this for 2 days until we found a cash machine. Oops now we had a problem. Money hadn’t arrived yet and it was unclear if the machines weren’t broken. We found an Italian hero who changed 7 euro to 7 dollar and he gifted us a gallon (4L) of water. Hero! We ate one more day. A note to make though is that people did offer us food on credit, to pay for later but we didn’t accept.


So cash arrived, visible on internet banking. Machines didn’t work but we managed to eat ourselves very full on 10 dollar paid by card. With 3 dollar left in our pocket we went to the next city: La Libertad. All fixed?

No… the bank had blocked the card. 3 dollar in the pocket and a fear of having to sleep hungry on the beach again made us sad travelers.


Our amazing homeless food

However… Western Union came to the help. Though the security, armed with shotguns, wasn’t sure if to let in two homeless travelers…


Our new friend

It all worked out. My amazing father, our biggest fan as well, sent money through Western Union and we were able to sleep in luxury, 10 dollar, hotel room.

All is well again, we cycled a lot, discovered new heats (SOOO HOT the sweat vaporizes before you feel it). I got sick and we spent some days in bed.


The people overall were very kind. Many have lived in the USA for some years and want to speak in English with you. Outside of the cities we felt very safe but there are quite a lot of smells and trash on the road and in the cities.


I had a very good feeling of the country. We even met some cyclist who have cycled for 3 years.


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Danny Dekker • April 26, 2015

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  1. Tim April 26, 2015 - 8:33 pm Reply

    Nice to see another update

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