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You can find some more photos of Turkey (and Bulgaria) here.


Days: 13

1. Svelingrad, Bulgaria
2. Istanbul, Turkey
3. Sleeping at gas station on way to Denizli
4. Denizli, Turkey
5. Antalya, Turkey
6. Alanya, Turkey (aka Analya for us)


Sleeping Food Activity View
Turkish Family Istanbul Great home made food by the grandma of the Turkish family. We dont know the name Swimming in Antalya after spending a long time on the road Overlooking Istanbul from the roof of a ‘hidden’ terrace

Budget- Per person

Accommodation Food Transport Other

Tips and Warnings
Don’t be shy to accept an invitation by a Turkish family to stay at their place or eat with them. They are often very welcoming and great people. There is no better way to see how they live than to live with them!

Turkish kebab roll ‘durum doner’ in Istanbul is horrible. It is so great when you eat it in Holland, Slovakia or anywhere where they have kebab fast food and you want to taste it in Istanbul.. However next to the famous sights of the city they sell the worst and driest kebab. We tried it as well in other places in the city but still we were surprised that it was not as good as in the local kebab restaurants in our countries.

Buy some spices from the spice market in Turkey. Feel free to negotiate, they are able to go quite low. The spices are great, but take your time to smell and try in different shops so you can buy yourself something nice for cooking at home.

No connection from Alanya to Cyprus. Though Google map has updated this, before it showed a dotted line between Alanya and Cyprus and we expected to go there. Sadly upon arrival we were told there hasn’t been a ferry service there for 4 years.

It is hard to find alcohol in Turkey.. not impossible but if you are expecting a wine on a terrace, this is not always possible.

Find a bar where they have boardgames, Dammen and Backgammon are very popular here and a good way to relax after a day of sightseeing.

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