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We had an amazing time in this country, it is truly possible to say that this is one of the best countries we have visited. Hitchhiking was doable though sometimes for money as is normal in their country. We managed to emerge ourselves with the people from the north of Romania. We went back in time as we walked through the fields where you could imagine your grandma working. 😀 These people had the same age. We went to the ‘Dracula’ region of Brasov, Bran and Rasnov and had the scare of our life in a kitsch but fun tour of Vlad the Impaler’s birth house. The only thing that we could not get used to was Bucharest after having lived on the fields of the north. For us this was not the most enjoyable part but if you want to see some museums or go shopping, Bucharest has it all. The hostel staff is very informative and if you like this, you can find many party tourists.


Days: 14

1 : Debrecen, Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary
2 : Satu Mare, Satu Mare County, Romania
3 : Sighetu Marmației, Maramureș County, Romania
4 : Vișeu de Sus, Maramureș County, Romania
5 : Breb, Județul Maramureș, Romania
6 : Brașov, Brașov County, Romania
7 : Bran, Brașov County, Romania
8 : Râșnov, Brașov County, Romania
9 : Chisinau, Moldova
10 : Bucharest, Romania
11 : Ruse, Bulgaria


Sleeping Food Activity View
Camping in Breb Ciorbă upon arrival after a long hitchhike Taking a tour with the old train in Viseu de Sus From the hill next to ‘Dracula Castle’

Budget – Per person

Accommodation Food Transport Other

Tips and Warnings

There is a lot of individual transport between towns. You often pay for this. People do this as their job, so be aware of this when hitchhiking. You will meet great people this way and it is not expensive.

‘Dracula castle’ is very touristic and we decided not to stand in line. However there is a hill next to it, further down the road with a small unofficial path leading up to it very hard to see.You will have an amazing view from this.

People are incredibly friendly!

Go help some farmers on the fields in Breb, really rewarding and a man in the village will sell you his home made spirit for a fair price (though know you will not be the first to get a tour around his house, he knows very well how to sell) 😀

If hitchhiking out south towards Bulgaria, you can get a ride with many Turkish people on their way to Istanbul. In our experience they are friendly, and the most welcoming people you will meet. But be alert who you get into the car with, Turkish people themselves have said this as well, there are bad ones too.



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