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To get to Chisinau you can hitchhike using the advice given in the hitchwiki or you can take a night bus which will save you the cost of a hostel. Either way it is very cheap. Cheaper even is the country itself.

We were lucky to arrive on their Independence Day, a big festival in the city with music and dancing. This gave a great atmosphere in many of the main streets and squares. The city itself though was not very impressive for us. Most of the monuments were from the Soviet times and we could not find any old historic sights. The people we met were very friendly and humble. We went to a restaurant recommended to us by a hostel. (sorry don’t remember the name but any hostel will recommend this) The restaurant stands out as it is decorated very nicely and you feel that this is the only piece of the city that still has the old Moldova style. The prices are very cheap, I believe we had coffee, and cakes each for a total of 1 euro.  Aside from this they have menus with soup and a plate for 2,50. Delicious!! Mmmmm.. 😀 This was our best moment in Chisinau.

Unfortunately at the time we did not feel we wanted to spend more time in the city and we left the next day. So we can not go into much detail for this country. In short our conclusion is that it has lost much of its history because off the Soviet Union, however the food and the people are great.


Days: 1

1. Chisinau


Sleeping Food Activity View
Bus on the way there because the bus on the way back was horrible All the food in an amazing restaurant which will be recommended by all hostels Eating that food! Military Ceremony

Budget- Per person

Accommodation Food Transport Other

 Tips and warnings

Ask at a hostel for the best traditional restaurant in Moldova!

Don’t expect historic sights older than the Soviet Union.

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