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Punta Allen


To get on the road to Punta Allen you pay 31MX$. This is per day but once you are in, you don’t have any points where you need to pay again.

The road: Tulum – Punta Allen

Yes it is bad. To answer any questions:

By car: Hard, but you don’t need a Jeep. You need a lot of patience though. It takes around 3 hours.

By bicycle with luggage: Hell, expect the last quarter of the road to take twice as long as the first 3/4th.

The bad road aside it is a great path to follow with a lot of beautiful points to have a little break. You can go fishing in Boca Paila and on the bridge 3 Km further. If you need bait, ask around at Boca Paila. People gave us some little fish for free.


Sleeping Punta Allen

There is a camping just before Punta Allen which looked good but we didn’t stay there. In the back of Punta Allen itself is a camping called Serenidad with camping for 100MX$ per person The owner Niki and the other people there are very nice and helpful. There are warm showers but not always electricity on Punta Allen.

An other option is wild camping on the beach. After asking around for a good place, we decided that near the piers on the ocean side was the best option.


The funniest thing there to do was a circus. Entrance 40MX$, starting at 20:00. sadly we did not go because we felt we had spent too much that day. It is supposed to be horribly bad but this is what should make it incredibly great to see and we regret not going.

There are a lot of options for fishing on a boat but fishing from the docks on the side of the “river” was very good too. I caught a barracuda and two other fish which I don’t know the name of. And a lot of blowfish which I tried to avoid. For bait, try to find “Caremero” he has bait for 15MX$ per fish. Or just ask around for “carnada” (bait).



There is one restaurant of which you can be sure you will eat good and a lot for a very faire price. Las Palapas! Juan and Martha will make your stomach full from 60MX$.


To Sian Ka’an

from the pier on the side of the “river” at 07:00 (no later!) the small boats are heading towards Playon. If you are by bicycle you can cross this way and cycle through the biosfera towards Felipe Cerrillo Puerto. But be ready for 80km of jungle road.




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