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Puerto Aventuras

Though this is not the place for cheap travelers we had some of our cheapest days in this resort.

The resort

It is a beautiful paradise which seems to have everything within its walls. You can swim with dolphins and manatees, play golf, learn diving, go snorkeling, fishing and a lot more.. but you will pay a lot as well. If you are like us though you can still enjoy yourself a bit for free. The people there are very friendly and helpful.

For free

– Watch a dolphin show, see people swim with dolphins and learn about them from the instructors. (price to swim with dolphins is 80+ depends on package)


– Sea lion training happens often and is nice to watch.

– Internet is without password at the manatee basin. you can sit there on the chairs on the internet and see people swim with the manatees.

– If you have basic fishing gear: a plastic bottle, line, lead weight and hook you can fish (all of this you can buy in the town on the other side of the highway “ferrateria”) The bait “carnada” you can ask about at the fishing boats and they will likely give you some for free together with instructions if you need that like me 😀 . After you are all set, go to the lighthouse on the rocks and catch fish!


– Sleeping in tent is free on public beach. (Details below)

– Cold showers at the manatee basin. Though we felt too awkward to use them it is possible to wash yourself here.

– Public toilets at the mini post office and manatee basin.


there is a small path leading to a tiny corner of public beach where the guards don’t mind it if you put up a tent. Just don’t leave things outside. Once inside Puerto Aventuras, go towards Omni Beach Resort and follow the road till you see a small path with the sign about a diving company. That is the path to the beach. A guard walks past every few hours, ask him if he minds that you stay for a few nights.



All there is in the resort area is an Oxxo and restaurants but outside at the highway is a Chedraui and a few other shops. We did laundry, used internet and recharges our electronics here.



Hope you will enjoy it there like we did! Tasting luxury. Read our blog post relates to Puerto aventuras 




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