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Isla Mujeres

While staying in Cancun, we did a trip to Island Mujeres, our first island. It was hard to get there the cheap way.

We had to find the ferry at Puerto Juarez. But to get there we had to dodge a lot of people selling trips and excursions. For those who will go in the future, just take a taxi from ADO bus station for around 30 or 35 pesos

The ferry ticket costs 73 pesos and you can get a two-way for 136 pesos (a single back is 70 pesos) don’t go with the yellow-blue companies as they charge easily double.

Once on isla mujeres, the best is to go to the Tortuga Granja. We had bad luck with rain and a lot of wind so sadly we didn’t do this but people there recommended this and not much else. It is on the other side of the island around 1.5 hour walk, or taxi for I think 80 pesos. You could also rent a golf cart or scooter. Ask around there and choose what fits your price range. They close at 17:00.


The beaches are nice but nothing better than zone hoteleria in Cancun. Island is very touristic. To be honest not as great as we expected. If you are traveling and visiting more islands you can skip this. If you love tortugas, think if its worth it because that is the best the island has to offer.

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