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Chichen Itza

We went to Chichen Itza from  Cancun ADO station. The Oriente bus is going every hour at the price of 135 pesos the drive takes 3 to 4 hours. If you want to stay the night, you need to buy a ticket to Piste. Here you can sleep for 50 pesos per person in your tent in the garden of Hotel Piramide Inn. they have a grill where you can cook on. Its a short walk from here to Chichen Itza. Entrance tickets will be around 230 pesos. (forgot the exact price)

Don’t forget, there is a 1 hour time difference with Cancun.

Go to Chichen Itza early. if you arrive there 10 min before 8 and go to the ticket desk right away, you may just be the first one inside. We were an hour early because we did not realize there was a time difference. You will see the tour busses and many individual groups by car arriving already around 8 and there may be a line forming at the desk quickly. Once inside… be amazed. its a beautiful sight to see the temple with nobody around it. Aside from that, all the other structures are also impressive and it seems like it is never ending with temples everywhere. Once you have seen everything you will realize how great it was to be first inside. You can enjoy the rest of the day on the camping in the pool or like us take the bus back and continue your travels.

Here are our fotos of Chichen Itza:

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