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We have stayed in Cancun for around 10 days, not because we wanted but because we had to wait for our bicycles to be ready. While staying Here we did a trip to Isla Mujeres (report) and to Chichen Itza and spend most of our time on the beaches of zone hoteleria.

Sleeping cheap

No need to look further, Hostel Kankun, calle marone, a side street of Av Yaxchilan. 5 dollar or 75 pesos per night. There is nothing cheaper. A lot of things don’t work and it sure is not clean. However during our stay, all the essentials were available in some way: warm shower, working kitchen and beds in a room with no insects :)


Though we had the ability to cook, we often found that eating out gives more nutrition at a very cheap rate. Our favorite place:

Mercado 28, any restaurant. Ask for the local menu. its 55 pesos (3,5euro) and you get a big drink, soup and a full plate of great food. 

(Photo: this is just the starter, the main dish came after)



Not much to see in the city. There are some things explained in lonely planet but we did not visit anything worth writing about.


The beaches in zone hoteleria are a very nice welcome to Mexico. We enjoyed most a beach full of Mexicans and a great atmosphere. It is roughly in the middle of the beach area, has a bungee jump platform and a ferry to Isla Mujeres. Buy a cold beer in the Oxxo on the street and drink it on the rocks of the beach. We always ended mixed up with some Mexicans. Great fun.



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