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Biosfera Sian Ka’an

If you are by bike and dont want to go back to Tulum the same road from Punta Allen, you should consider this Biosfera. Or if by car, from Felipe Cerrillo Puerto.

It has some beautiful plants and animals. When we past we heard monkeys as they ran from us. We saw a Tapir but because we saw just half of it and it seemed like a wild pig, we cycled away in fear, later to find out it was a harmless and really cute but big animal. Aside from this there were many exotic birds in the area near Playon.

The Biosfera does not have many visitors. We were the only ones of the day. The day before there were also just 2 people. At the exit/entrance on the side Felipe Cerrillo Puerto we talked to the park ranger about the animals. It became clear that the animals are not really dangerous so don’t be like us to run away. Instead take your time and watch the animals.


There are three entrance points: from Felipe Cerrillo Puerto, Playon and Vigia Chico. The last one you should visit but you can’t really take it as a starting point unless you pay a lot to get here by boat from Punta Allen.


By Car

If you want to go here by car, that is really only possible from Felipe Cerrillo Puerto. The road is fine for cars all the way. Just a bit bumpy.


By bicycle

You can take the small boat from Punta Allen at 07:00 (no later! or wait a long time). Some of the boats will be heading that way anyway and you can negotiate price. We paid 100MX$ for two + bikes.

If you come from Felipe Cerrillo Puerto you can cycle to Playon and sleep there for the night and wait for a boat to come the next day. There is no schedule but there will surely be a boat coming at some point. For the rest there is nothing at Playon except a pier though.

We didn’t see Vigia Chico because we had a lot to cycle. It should be quote nice though if you have the time.


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