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Bicycles in Cancun

Bicycles in Cancun

Here you will find all the information that you can’t find anywhere on the internet. Where to buy a bicycle in Cancun. There are cheap options and quality options. The list is in no particular order except that nr 1 was best for us.

1.  Bike House, the main road “Xpuhil” directly east of Mercado 28. Tel. 9982794475. A man, recommended by many. he can build a bicycle the way you want it. He made ours: one new bike which he modified and one bike completely made by pieces the way we wanted. we paid 2300pesos (130 euro) per bike and they have all the accessories we need. In the end we also bought a repair kit and they explained us how to repair all that can break. Here you have best value for money. (Update, we had some delays, maybe we had bad luck or it is normal, but be aware this can happen)

2. Second hand stores, Lopez Portillo. From the side street C.M.T. towards the west, on the right side of the road are 4 second hand stores with a few bicycles. 600 to 1200 pesos but very bad quality and often not functioning well. Have a look, if you know a lot about bicycles you may find something here you can work with.

3. Internet, facebook group: el mercadito libre Cancun. Though hard to find a bicycle you can always make a post asking if anything is available.

4. Elite Cyclery, Plaza paseos. This shop has top quality but expensive bicycles and parts. There are a few more small shops in this commercial center but this one has everything. 5000 to 10000+ pesos. If you are a serious cyclist and want something good, this is where you have to go.

5. Walmart or Chendraui have some bicycles and accessories. 2500 to 4000 pesos. Not bad, good price. You may go to these stores anyway, so why not have a look. Limited selection though and from what we saw, they have either mountain bikes or beach cruisers.

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