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We did not stay a long time in Bulgaria so this wont be a very detailed description. We entered Bulgaria in Ruse when it was getting dark.. However our ride for the moment ended up leaving us on the border in the dark. (A big story behind this which we unfortunately did not blog about) We ended up sleeping the night in a hotel because in the dark this place was very scary with stray dogs barking at us from everywhere. During the day it did not seem so bad though. The next day we went to Shipka, a monumental place on the mountains of Bulgaria. This was for us a very nice stay. Beautiful view, amazing french air and good traditional Bulgarian food. We put up our tent and the guard for the night allowed us to sleep here right next to the monument. The following day we continued down the hill but found that it is hard to find a ride here. We had many small stops until we found a British woman living in Bulgaria who took us for a long distance. As we got nearer towards the border of Turkey we managed to hitchhike a coach traveling from Germany to Istanbul and have the most relaxing ride ever, watching TV and having very friendly people around us.

On the border to Turkey we found out that a Slovakians can enter without visa but Dutch citizens need a visa. This was (with a lot of running 😀 ) quickly arranged and the coach waited for us. One of the passengers even offered us to stay in his house in Istanbul.. but more on this in the Turkey country review.



Days: 3


Sleeping Food Activity View
Tent on the mountain next to the Shipka monument Bulgarian Omelette with a lot of meat Convincing the night guard that we can sleep next to Shipka monument The large forests from the top of the Shipka monument

Budget- Per person

Accommodation Food Transport Other

Tips and Warnings

Eat the Bulgarian omelette. Filled with delicious meat! A strong and heavy meal.

Be aware that hitchhiking is not always easy here. We were lucky sometimes but also got stuck for a long time in the middle of no where

Be alert when hitchhiking towards Turkey. Though the people are mostly friendly, you can find some bad ones. As the people from Turkey we met told us. People are either really friendly or can be really bad.

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