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Costa Rica


We have just been in Costa Rica for a few days and it is surprising what we have already done. Travel goes a lot faster without the bicycles but every day there are moments when we miss them. As expected it is amazingly beautiful here. Though the aim to tourism and some loss of culture with it is a shame, the nature you can see here beats any country so far.


The first night we slept on a beach so beautiful that in Europe you would not have a day without tourists. Here, we had it all for our selves. Beautiful sandy beach, soft waves and little islands off the shore.


The view was very nice


As we planned to move on the next day someone recommended us to go to Rinco de la Vieja, claiming it was cheap and we could put up a tent. With a lot of effort we made it there and even though we tried hard they didn’t want our tent in their luxury resort, how weird. :p We hitchhiked back to a small village and here we met our first welcoming Costa Ricans. They let us sleep in their garden and in the evening we played an amazing bingo.


This is travel for me. As fun as it would be to stay in a luxury resort with private waterfalls and tours.. I have a lot better memory of sitting in a large hall with a hundred strangers playing bingo. Feeling as part of them for one evening as you cheer each other to win (or lose if other table). Eventually I won a table cloth and a Tupperware box which we gave to our host. Yes this makes travel fun.



As we moved on next day we learned of another waterfall. This waterfall made up for what we didn’t see in Rinco de la Vieja… The entrance was a donation to a school nearby and since we asked nice they let us sleep right next to the waterfall. WOW this beat all our nights yet.





Again unplanned… (When I say unplanned I mean that we didn’t use books or internet to find our way) we discovered the way to Monte Verde cloud forest. To get here we would not be possible to do in one day due to infrequent busses. Not a problem though as our stop for the night was at Laguna Arenal. Sitting in the bus going there we met a ginger Costa Rican boy whose grandfather owned a camping ground. I guess we found another place to stay. Again beautiful but… we are now in rainy season so our tent got completely wet and dirty!




Everything is starting to smell and my hand-laundry skills don’t do our clothes much good 😀


In the end we needed a hotel at our next stop in Monte Verde. Prices have doubled here from our low standards in Nicaragua. Now we pay 20 dollar for private room instead of 10, acceptable :)


Monte Verde is great as well, you feel like you are in the mountains (makes sence huh), it has a great atmosphere. Instead of paying 15 or 20 dollar to enter the trails, we found out there were some free options. One being a hike in the same forest but on a path leading to the television towers.





While here, Nadi overcame some fears by climbing up a giant hollow tree. It was very cool but also claustrophobic. Good job Nadi!





So far Costa Rica… amazingly beautiful, public transport and shops are expensive but all in all there always seems to be a free variant of every sight if you ask long enough. and monkeys everywhere :) 





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Danny Dekker • May 26, 2017

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  1. Arianne May 26, 2015 - 5:49 pm Reply

    Wauw!! Wat een zonsondergang!

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