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Central America plan

Hi everybody! :) We’ve been trying to keep this a bit as a surprise but it’s been hard to hide. We are going to Central America on February 1st! During our travel it may be hard to stay in contact so by following our blog you can keep track of where we are. We hope that you like our stories… :)

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As always we are very flexible during our travel. And originally we were open to everything. We considered to make use of public transport or to buy some second hand bicycles. It will most likely be a combination of both.

Though we don’t plan much, we do prepare a lot. Nadi especially is great at researching amazing places we want to see. We’ve come across many blogs of cyclists and other travelers through the region and it has given us many ideas. We have also learned a lot from our last travel in the Balkan region.

In result, we now have a bigger but lighter tent and a small cooking set which will allow us a bit more comfort and ‘great, home made’ dinners. This will make the travel a bit more comfortable as we are were quite disgusted of eating croissants all the time in our last trip. 😀


The route

Now, we have a few options depending on how successful our trip will be. The first option and the only one we will actually prepare is to go from Cancun, Mexico to Panama and from around there find a flight home.

Our second option is a bit longer and it really depends on the situation there. This plan is to travel through the Caribbean Islands with a few back-up options for cheap flights home. (Curacao island to Amsterdam or Dominican Republic to Paris)

Below you can find a beautiful map which i quickly made for my father. This should give an idea of our travel. very rough plan


So how long will all this take!?!? Well the rain-season starts in July-August… so we have half a year to do all this… Possible? No idea :) We are not the fastest cyclists in the world.

How to afford this?
– Sleeping will be cheap or free in the tent
– Food we cook on the way and is cheap there
– Transport is free most of the time as we travel by bicycle

Is it safe?
– There are snakes and spiders that can kill on the land and crocodiles and sharks in the water… on top of that, dangerous people who we should avoid. I think realizing what is out there and using common sense will be a good start. Most important is to do camping in groups or in the garden of friendly people and avoid wild camping.

So wish us luck 😀

Goodbye and thanks 

For the last 3 months we have lived in France with some great people. They have shown us how nice French people can be. For us, they were the best part of France. Vladko I will miss defeating you in Soul Calibur. Nathalie, we will miss your cakes. JB, we will miss your great English story-telling. Franci-boy, we will enjoy memories of you and your chocolate soup. 😀

We are glad that we will have to come back for our luggage at some point and see you guys again 😀

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Danny Nadezda • January 26, 2015

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