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7 day challenge

Though we are in Guatemala now and have seen a lot more interesting things which we will post about soon as well, here is a little look back on Belize. In Belize and part of Mexico we tried a challenge of 7 days under 10 Euro. Here is how we did. Day 1: Sleeping was…

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Hola Guatemala

798km A few days ago we crossed the border of our third country, Guatemala. Somehow it got very hilly recently and we are more pushing bikes than riding them.   The biggest difference we feel here is that it is much cheaper than Belize and of course these never ending hills. The first place we…

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Night at police station

We have been cycling (and pushing) our bicycles over the hilly hummingbird highway. It had beautiful nature and a good, quiet asphalt road. We got energy to do this from the typical rice and beans with a chicken leg. You can buy this anywhere and costs 5 to 8 Belize Dollars (=2.25 E to 3.60…

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Caribbean Island – Glovers Reef

We were offline for a while! What happened? Well we were on an island in the Caribbean Ocean. Glovers Reef’s North East Caye to be exact. This was supposed to be one of the best moments of our trip. For me to try my survival skills and for Nadi to relax her ass after cycling…

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We are shameless

Hello everybody! As you probably realized we are trying to lower our budget to use less and less money every day. All this while still trying to do the activities we write about. Our favorite ¬†activities are eating and sleeping. We could write a blog about this but we are sure you all prefer Nadi’s…

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