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Sighetu marmatiei, Sapanta, Ukraine 20 and 21 August

Sighetu marmatiei So finally we got a minibus to Sighetu. It took us around two hours to get there and another two until we found accommodation. Because it was raining really a lot we couldn’t set up a tent. At a point of giving up we met a seemingly confused man carrying two pink toilet…

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Still satu mare

So we are having another bere in Satu Mare. We have missed the bus because we didnt realise that we are in a different time zone 😀 I hope that these are the beginners mistakes… Maybe we will get another bus. We are retards…

satu mare

Satu mare

So we did it, we are drinking “bere” in Satu Mare. Time does not play a big role here. Timetable means here “when the bus is full – the bus can depart”. The 0.5L “bere” here costs 1 ROW which equals 45 cents.  


Train from Miskolc to Debrecen, 7:30

So yesterday we had interesting adventure… After missing all trains, we didnt get to hichhike spot we ended up in Miskolc 😀 I must say it is a beautiful city but unfortunately very busy. We didnt find any free hostel or even hotel so one option was to take the night train at 23:00 and…

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Rough plan Balkan Hitchhike

This was our rough plan. We ended our trip in Greece and flew back, we will have to see the rest of the countries later!  

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