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Caribbean Island – Glovers Reef

We were offline for a while! What happened? Well we were on an island in the Caribbean Ocean. Glovers Reef’s North East Caye to be exact.


This was supposed to be one of the best moments of our trip. For me to try my survival skills and for Nadi to relax her ass after cycling so much.


The plan to survive of the island and the fish around became quickly impossible because: “can’t eat what you catch within 1.5km of the island.” Still unlimited coconuts were great.


To get there we spent 2 to 3 hours on a catamaran with dolphins jumping around us… not a bad start :)


It became better even when we saw the island and the cabanas on the water. We of course stayed in our tent. After instructions we searched for a nice spot. Covered with trees and some palm leave / bamboo constructions we set up our tent and explored the island.



The first night we woke up with a shock, storm in paradise! With rain falling on our tent, we had to put the rain cover up in the middle of the night and continue sleeping in a wet tent. A few hours later, disaster two… the bamboo, palm tree construction above half our tent collapsed on us. So I had to go out and fix that. Lucky no more rain.

This meant renovation. The next days we built walls, kitchen with oven and lots of fun decorations.

Sadly no photo of our place. Almono(?) / Gonzales si lo leis, por favor envia nos el foto de nuestra “casa” :)

We were not alone living in our house. many hermit crabs and other land crabs came to eat our coconut leftovers.


The next days Nadi was reading books and I was just building and trying to make fire without matches… I failed after a full day of trying. :p

In the evenings the boats would come with fish and we would see how the leftovers were being fed to the sharks and stingrays that circled the island.


So… why not go snorkeling with them. Going with just the two of us didn’t last long. We saw a big ray and Nadi jumped on me. So brave as we are, we joined with others and went into the deep but beautiful ocean.


We saw SHARKS! and a lot more… Beautiful coral and life under water.








Ah one incident did happen, there was a shark viewing cage near the shore but a lemon shark managed to get in and the Venezuela girl who was taking pictures from the cage had to jump out fast. She was fine though.

All the time we were on the island we felt like a charity case. People giving us leftover food, loaning us snorkeling gear and giving us some barracuda to eat.




To repay we made coconut cookies and gave everyone some postcards. :) If you guys are reading this, we had a great time with you all! Gracias para la comida!


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Danny Dekker • March 19, 2015

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