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The blue lagoon

After a short recovery in Felipe Cerrillo Puerto we cycled south towards Laguna Bacalar located 115km further. Though it was on the highway, it was a bit hilly and we had to fight with strong wind blowing against us in a temperature of 30 plus degrees Celcius. This made us very slow, we often had long breaks.

We bought some fresh pineapple during a break

It started getting darker and we were still cycling, worried that we will not manage the next 20km to the planned village before dark. Then we saw on the side of the road a ranch which was serving chicken. A very kind woman asked us directly if we wanted to sleep there and that she doesnt want money. Her son Juan immediately showed us the place where people sometimes set up their tents. It was a great farm with many dogs, turkeys and chicen running around. The food was amazing. If you are ever on this road, have a break there. The place does not have a name but its right before the salida to Reforma.

_DSC6024.jpg _DSC6008.jpg

We woke up with the sound of a chicken climbing up our tent and got ready to continue after breakfast. To get to Bacalar we cheated a bit on the cycling. Again there was a strong wind and at the halfway point we found a  pickup truck to take us to this paradise Laguna.

_DSC5992.jpg _DSC6026.jpg

What a paradise! It is almost becoming normal to us but we try not to forget that we came from such a cold Paris. (colocs, si vous lisez notre blog, vous nous manquez! j´espere que c´est bien ecrit)

The water at Laguna Bacalar is light blue and beautifully transparent. Since we are staying here for 3 Euro per night per person, we have taken this as another resting opportunity.

_DSC6060.jpg 15270004.jpg


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Danny Dekker • February 28, 2015

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  1. François March 3, 2015 - 12:48 am Reply

    Of course we read your blog :-) And I’m sure I speak for the others saying that we also miss you. But please stop bragging about your beaches and crystal clear water, because we in Bures-sur-Yvette could also post beautiful pictures of the amazing… or of the wonderful… oh fuck you.

    • Danny Dekker March 3, 2015 - 1:39 am Reply

      Sweet!! When the wind is in my back I think of “wind guide me” from Talim and I remember the good days playing soul caliber with you guys

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