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Bicycle and postcards

Now that we have a base (hostel Kankun) we have a lot more freedom. There were a few things we had to do…. Such as: go to Walmart :D. There we even saw people sitting on those motorized carts. One man even fell off and I had to help him back on :p After Walmart we went to the beach which was again beautiful with pelicans diving to catch fish one meter from you.


The next day we went bicycle shopping. We passed many shops but the prices were very high. We went to eat our first tacos and the owner gave us advice and drove us to a street with second hand shops.


Eventually with a lot of efford, we found a place where they will build us a custom bike exactly how we want and give us a quick course on how to repair things. For 2300 pesos each.(130e) it will be ready in 3 days!!

They have cute baby too :)


Quick description: strong light frame, long distance tires, extended rack in the back to fit bag, basket on front, new soft saddles and some other small details. 


Now, how do we afford this…? We turned nadi’s paintings into postcards and went to the beach to sell them. We didn’t expect much but wow, people love them. We allowed people to pay what they wanted and it ranged from 1dollar to 200pesos (13 euro) per postcars. And sometimes we givegive them for free if they have no money on them. In 2 hours of working (breaks not included) we earned 52 euro. Yippy :)


Then at night we met some amazing new friends and had a lot of alcohol 😀 let’s hope they read this! Enjoy your travels, guys! Hopefully your hangovers are not too strong.


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Danny Nadezda • February 6, 2015

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