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A bit late but we have been out of internet for a while again. Meanwhile we have almost crossed all of El Salvador but we still have to write from before. So…

We managed to get to Antigua on Semana Santa and follow the processions. It is very similar as in Spain though not as big, still very impressive.


See that volcano, there was another one spewing ashes in the air. Cool stuff.


Step 1: decorate the streets with flowers and colours from different plants.



Step 2: walk over it with a parade consisting of boys with smoking lanterns, women carrying a heavy statue and a marching band in the back.



Step 3: remove the destroyed decoration with garbage trucks and repeat it all the next day. Very cool :)

And people have a lot of fun


Sadly Nadi got sick here. I am not sure if she ever felt so sick before in her life. We spent 5 days longer to recover. Funny enough they are giving antibiotics at pharmacies without much detailed description and with out doctors prescription. She even asked: “how many do you  want, 1,25 Q (15 euro cent) per pill”. Great healthcare huh.

Nadi before being sick as you all know her.IMG_2015040212647

And after being sick


While Nadi was recovering, some old friends arrived at the same hotel. The motorbikers we met in Belize! We were so glad and got to hang out for 2 days. They are awesome, their blog is awesome and we must see them again.

No photos because nadi was in bed and I’m a bad photographer

What else happened in Antigua… We met the most interesting traveler yet. Shogo, a Japanese rasta man who travels for 8 years already with his hairless dog: Sushi that wears a colorful t-shirt. He makes jewelry and adviced us to get into the Jade business. So we did 😀


Julien (one of the motorbikers) and I bought a few stones and will sell them in Costa Rica. What could go wrong :p


Aah I almost forgot to say, I too made jewelry with help of Shogo (he did most really). A beautiful silver ring with a black jade stone. Of course we are in Guatemala and get cheated on everything so the silver turned out to be fake :) It was a gift from Shogo though and hopefully he will not buy too much at the workshop he works at.


Meanwhile Nadi is well again and to be safe we took the bus towards…….. El Salvador! We woke up in the ugliest hotel yet… more about El Salvador later.


Some more photos







Thanks for following us again! :) and as shameless as always, feel free to sponsor us some beer :) or milkshake in El Salvador mmmmm





Danny Dekker • April 16, 2015

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