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Anniversary at lago Atitlan

Right now we are at lake Atitlan.

IMG_2015040344115 IMG_2015040345403

So far we have spent here three days. We came here on our anniversary day. To get here we had to cycle downhill for 600 meter spread over 25kilometer. This was sadly on a very rocky/ gravel road and took a lot of efford. Pff what a waste of a downhill!

IMG_2015040336398 mm

IMG_20150403385 Then uphill the same height difference. This we did by bus. It was a local bus… Which means a lot of chaos, driving very fast, sitting with three to five people per two-person couch and there was even a chicken chilling with us.


At every stop sellers entered the bus selling fruit, medicine, and all types of typical food. The rough ride also meant there were a lot of vomiting children… I would say it was funny, on the beginning but after short time I was also holding a plastig bag…

When we left the bus we found out that one of the basket from our bikes got lost. We were not even surprised after such a crazy ride…  We cycled the rest downhill on asphalt at top speed and arrived to Panajachel where we took the boat to the San Pedro, a village on the other side of the lake.



We celebrated our two years together with some wine and a lot of food. :) The rest of our stay we did a few trips around the lake.


The most special place is probably the village called San Marcos, what is a “big holistic” centre. It looks like all eco, bio,  organic and spiritual people find their base here :DD


We also have a little crises.It has been two months of traveling already and we start to feel like settling down again. 😀 But then when you have a view like this, it is alright again.


And just to show how he muscles grow from cycling 😀



If you want, sponsor us to grow more muscles :)



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Nadezda Bombjakova • April 2, 2015

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