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In short…

August – 2014

myAbout one and half year ago I met Danny in Málaga, Spain, where I was pursuing my Erasmus studies and he was working there as a  language teacher. It wasn´t love at first sight, maybe it was even the opposite…

After finishing summer semester It already had become LOVE and I had to return to Slovakia to finish my masters and Danny returned to The Netherlands. Because he missed me  desperately 😀 he moved to Slovakia for one year while I would finish my studies.

And now we are at the point where I have finished my studies, Danny left his job and this Tuesday we are going to travel the Balkan region and surrounding countries. The plan was to start on Monday, but we have a little delay because we have to take the last dosage of hepatitis vaccine for our future trip to West Africa and we have to buy sandals for Danny with who I am going to sleep in a small tent 😛

January – 2015

gggggSo the new year is here and we are still together. For a change we have lived in Paris for the last 3 months and even if Paris is an amazing city we are not as happy as we wanted. Danny did not find a job and is a bit bored and I dont like the job I have and the long transit to work. 😀 We must say that the best about Paris for us are our amazing housemates.

So we decided to change again. Like many other travel bloggers I too will quit my “well paid job” in a souvenir shop to continue life traveling. These days we are preparing for our next trip. Because we will not go home to our countries, we have a lot of preparing to do in France.

Now you must be wondering, ‘what is their next destination’…. Well to save you from falling off of your chair of excitement… We decided to go to travel Central America! 😀

When? 1st February

Our Mission of Traveling



If there is some mission in our trips, it is to break up or to get married. 😀 To make these adventures easier we each made 10 commandments, which are going to be holy during all our travels 😀


Danny´s commandments

1. Do not let anything limit us, we are free
2. We cant spend too much time on this blog 😀
3. Make at least one new local friend per country
4. Nadi also has to socialize with others and not just smile :p
5. Go one step further than you feel comfortable with
6. Kiss each other in the morning before anything else
7. Do not let money play the main role
8. Do not get upset over nothing
9. Do not be afraid to earn money on the street
10.Buy Danny ice cream every few days

Nadi´s commandments

1. You should be always in good mood
2. We shall often come with nice romantic ideas
3. Once a week we shall have a nice relaxing day with comfortable sleeping
4. In every country we shall buy a little gift for Nadi/us/ family
5. Danny has to be more careful and less naive in trusting people
6. Danny must take care that I drink enough water 😀
7. You must not check out other girls
8. You should be tolerant when I am upset and try to make peace :)
9. You shall ensure there will be at least one coffee per day for Nadi Your Love
10.Gıve Nadia little massages sometimes



  1. Jepeto March 3, 2015 - 9:32 am Reply

    WELL DANNY’S COMMANDMENTS SEEM WAY MORE ALTRUISTIC THAN NADI’S !! The only personal thing he asks for is an ice cream every few days! Nadi… she needs massae, coffee every day, make peace when she gets upset even if she’s wrong, water, hotels and comfort, and YOU SHALL ALWAYS BE IN A GOOD MOOD! Oh yeah that is definitely something possible for a human to always be in a good mood..! Good luck XD

    • Danny Dekker March 14, 2015 - 11:59 pm Reply

      Hi jepeto! Thanks for this comment. You are right completely and guess who had more ice cream so far.., Nadi 😉

  2. Emília May 19, 2015 - 4:13 pm Reply

    You both are perfect! ! 😀 😀 Big Like from Slovakia 😉 I wish you all the best on your journey and I´m looking for next stories. 😉

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