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Though we are in Guatemala now and have seen a lot more interesting things which we will post about soon as well, here is a little look back on Belize. In Belize and part of Mexico we tried a challenge of 7 days under 10 Euro. Here is how we did.

Day 1:
Sleeping was 3.5 euro together. In tent on Laguna Bacalar. We bought food on market and cheap bakery. Tamales for dinner and we had leftover money for a small desert.


Day 2
Sleeping again 3.5 euro, same place. Breakfast (bananas, sweet bread and coffee) on market for under 4 euro. But we had to deal with cockroaches. For dinner Tamales and Tacos.

Day 3
For food we bought 2 loafs of bread and filled the slices with ham and cheese. We cycled across the border to Belize. (660 pesos to leave mexico not included in this budget) In Belize camping was 4.5 Euro each. No money left for dinner but we met bikers with alcohol and had a lot of fun drinking with them.

Day 4
Groceries in Belize are expensive and we had a strong hangover. We drank a lot of water and sugary drinks, had dinner in a cheap Chinese restaurant and stayed the night in the same camping. We spent 5 Euro too much per person.


(Coconuts are great against hangovers too)

Day 5
We cycled to Orange Walk Town. Here we found a free camping place and a hotel allowed us to shower for free. the food here was cheap. we ate 31 tacos, salbutes, tostades, garnaches, panales.. for 7 Euro, very full. This day we saved 2.50 Euro each.

Day 6
We got our breakfast of 21 tacos for 3.5 Euro and started cycling. The wind was too strong so we waited and ate more. Eventually we hitchhiked and cycled the last bit. we had dinner at cheap a Chinese restaurant and slept in the garden of a very nice lady. We found that in Belize its almost cheaper to eat out because the Chinese shops have almost nothing.


(Ilustrated image of a taco we had in Mexico)

Day 7
We woke up and had breakfast with the lady in whose garden we slept. We cycled towards Belize zoo where we had to pay together 27 Euro entrance. This brought us over budget but was supposed to be an amazing zoo. The rest of the day we didn’t spent much. We cycled to the next village where we had dinner and slept in the garden of a very nice Kriol family. Aside from the zoo this day was very cheap.


So in Belize we didn’t manage our budget challenge because of hangover and a visit to the Belize zoo. However on average if excluding zoo, we made it. We are now in Guatemala which seems very cheap.

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Danny Nadezda • March 27, 2015

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